Unfair Mario 2

maxresdefaultOne of most loved games of 90-s comes back in the hardest mode to imagine. “Unfair Mario 2″ describes the adventures of a funny plumber , but this time the concept of the adventure has been completely reviewed. Saving the princess isn`t the main goal any more.

The game is set to challenge the player, so that the main objective is to survive. Control of the game is simple- only three buttons. Left of right arrows controlling Mario`s movement and arrow up for the jump. But fun games need no more.”Everything is not as it seems to be”- is the slogan for the game. You can`t be sure that you can freely run through the green plain as you did in previous game- since it can suddenly disappear. An even if you managed to do so you should think that the way is passed. On your next step spikes can appear from the ground and you will have to start all over again. More than that spikes can be everywhere, so each step is 50/50 chance to pass. Hidden rocks appear in the air as you jump through to the checkpoint , so they can just block your way an d throw down to the ground. If there is no place to jump, that means that there is a hidden way, so that you might need to try several times before you make the right decision. In other words everything is done to challenge players attention, reaction, memory and ,most important- calmness.By the way, did you ever see a fighting Mario? Try the Super Smash Flash 2 flash game, where most of your favorite characters are available in lots of awesome battle scenes.
The game calculates number of deaths that happened through the whole game. You might have 50 deaths already before you pass to the second level, so if you manage to keep calm, which is obviously difficult, you will like the game. But if you don`t , you will get real pleasure, since the feeling of finishing this road of madness is great. Each level is even more difficult than previous one, and by the end of the game you will feel that your gaming skills have improved (maybe for the “Unfair Mario 2″ game , but still they will).
In other words “Unfair Mario 2′ is an amazing, challenging game which you will surely love and enjoy. But, before playing, there is also one more thing to remember-don`t trust hints, since as said above – “Everything is not as it seems to be”…